Transport Services

  • Sectoral contribution to total percentage of Africa’s service exports 2018 – 25.4%
  • 2018 annual growth rate of Africa’s export of transport services – 8.2%.
  • Africa’s share of global transport exports is 3.0% and imports is at 5.1%
  • Global exports of transport services generated $1.011 trillion in 2019
  • Leading global exporters of transport are the EU, USA, Singapore, China & UK.
  • Leading global importers of transport are the EU, USA, China, India & Singapore.
  • About half of global trade in transport services is driven by trade in goods.
  • Freight transport services are easily affected by developments in merchandise trade. Globally, all modes of freight transport services, representing 47.3% of transport exports, declined by 2% in 2019, to US$ 486 billion.