Trade Thoughts, from Geneva, by Anabel González, Deputy Director-General.

August 8, 2023 AELEX Admin 0 Comments

Some 807 days since joining the WTO and 20 blogs later, I am preparing to leave Geneva. As I bid farewell and thank the Director-General, colleagues and the broader trade community for having had the opportunity to serve the WTO, I want to share my thoughts on the multilateral trading system — where it stands, where it is going, and what is needed to get there. Spoiler alert: while there is no magic wand to deliver quick success across the board, my insights into the organization’s workings lead me to conclude that the WTO is already adapting to meet the challenges and leverage the opportunities of the 21st century. More can and should be done to fulfil the “WTO rising imperative” — that is, ensuring trade remains anchored in mutually agreed rules while fostering sustainable, inclusive and equitable growth. The road ahead will continue to be bumpy, but the future lies in gradual evolution, not revolution. The tools to support this transformation are already emerging and they are being put to good use, bit by bit.Read More

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