The iron cage revisited: How Brexit constrains the UK

November 2, 2021 LSE 0 Comments

Taking back control, especially in international trade, was one of the perhaps few tangible benefits that Brexit conferred onto the UK economy. In a new report for the French Hauts-de-France region, my co-authors and I unpack in great detail what the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) between the UK and the EU implies for the export markets of British business.

We wrote about some of the problems of the TCA in a previous EUROPP post in July this year. But one aspect seems to have eluded many observers: the UK can, of course, conclude free trade agreements with countries beyond the EU – as it has done since the TCA entered into force. However, it cannot do so without large repercussions on UK-EU trade, which makes sovereign free trade agreement negotiating extremely difficult. Read More.

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