South Africa citrus farmers squeeze fresh profits

December 21, 2020 The Africa Report 0 Comments

Times are good for the owners of South African fruit farmers. South African citrus growers have won greater market access to the US, while Brexit will mean better prospects and the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement is on their radar. Previously, South African growers were restricted to four ports in the US. But now, following the efforts of industry in collaboration with the US embassy in South Africa and the South African embassy in Washington, domestic growers have access to more ports in the US. “Until now, we’ve only been able to enter through four ports in the US. That restricts you as to where … [you] can spread your fruit,” Justin Chadwick, the CEO of the Citrus Growers Association, tells The Africa Report. Furthermore, transport costs and the time taken to get the produce to other states in the US sometimes made it impossible to service other states, according to Chadwick. Read More.

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