Samia Ben Abdallah, the Tunisian entrepreneur who dreams of conquering the world with her AWA leather goods brand.

August 14, 2023 AELEX Admin 0 Comments

Methodical, thoughtful and rigorous, Samia Ben Abdallah Ben Khalifa never rushes into anything. In 2017, the graduate of the National School of Architecture and Urban Design in Tunis launched her own business: AWA, for “Architect with Artisan”, a line of leather goods and various accessories. Samia waited two years before she used funds made available to her seven years earlier by Souk At-tanmia, to ensure her project would be a success. Hosted by the African Development Bank Group, Souk At-tanmia was set up in 2012 to offer practical financial help and support in the form of training, coaching, mentoring, access to markets and networking to business promoters. The programme, supported by the Bank Group and several partners, has provided direct assistance to almost 800 entrepreneurs in North Africa, including in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. Read more

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