Missed opportunity in continental free trade

February 24, 2021 The Guardian 0 Comments

For an economy just smarting out of recession and angling to diversify its well-worn petroleum economy, a tactless free entry into the continental free trade era is not a strategy but tardiness. So, barely two months after the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement took off, Nigeria is already on the back foot. As a signatory to the pact and a major stakeholder on the continent, it is an economic suicide to have no defined game-plan or known policy on AfCFTA implementation, and clearly marked items of cross-border trade. To save Nigeria’s blotches is the imperative of government agencies, private sector and regulatory bodies having an agreeable homegrown implementation plan, not only to compete profitably but also to rally the United Africa’s agenda to a success. Read More.

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