International Women’s Day 2023: AFAWA Finance Series enhances gender focus of Ghana’s digital financial services policy, bolsters commitments to overcome financing gaps

March 15, 2023 AELEX Admin 0 Comments

Ghana’s Central Bank has lauded the African Development Bank’s Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa (AFAWA) initiative for its role in equipping women-owned businesses to drive the country’s economy. “This partnership between AFAWA, the African Guarantee Fund and the Ghana Association of Banks is timely and urgent,” said Elsie Addo Awadzi, second deputy governor of the Bank of Ghana, in Accra. “We believe it will go a long way in helping our economy recover from the current macro-economic challenges it faces and indeed make it more resilient.” Awadzi was speaking during the recent AFAWA Finance Series workshop held in the country’s capital to reaffirm the business case for bolstering women’s access to finance.

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