Importation ban on poultry minimal

April 26, 2021 Daily News 0 Comments

The recent ban on the importation of domesticated birds and their products due to the outbreak of bird flu in South Africa has had a minimum impact on the local sub sector.

In an interview on Wednesday, Feed Centre’s veterinarian, Dr Kgomotso Sitayelo explained that the poultry sector’s two sections of broilers and layers were not yet affected by the ban.

“If the importation continues for some months that is when they could be affected,” he said.

Dr Sitayelo said Botswana was self-sufficient in broiler production, adding that the only time the country had to import would be when the hatcheries experienced low egg production from parent stock.

He said it was unlikely that the local supply of broilers would be affected by the importation ban. Read More.

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