iEPA amidst AfCFTA will offer economy competitive advantage – Economist

August 20, 2021 Ghana Web 0 Comments

Contrary to concerns that the coming into force of the interim Economic Partnership Agreement (iEPA) between Ghana and the EU may affect the
country’s commitment to the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), an economics professor at the University of Ghana, Peter Quartey, says
it rather gives the economy a competitive advantage.
Speaking to the B&FT in an interview, Prof. Quartey said the fact that Ghana has subscribed to AfCFTA and even hosts the secretariat does not mean
the country shouldn’t take advantage of opportunities offered by other markets, especially, if those trade pacts will come with bigger and better value.
“Now we have more options. We must look at which of the options will bring us better gains. If our access to the European market will give us more
revenue, why not? And if trading with our neighbors gives us better options, why not? So is a matter of making the right choices. Everything is about
maximizing your gains. Read More.

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