How African automotive market can rise from 1.1m to 5m vehicles annually — Whitefield

August 31, 2021 Vanguard 0 Comments

PRESIDENT of the Association of African Automotive Manufacturers, AAAM, Mr. Mike Whitefield, has predicted that African automotive market could rise from the current 1.1 million vehicles per annum to five million vehicles a year if Nigeria and other concerned African countries key into the recommended Automobile Industry Development plans recommended by the AAAM.

Whitefield, in a statement, noted that presently, Africa has only three major automotive manufacturing hubs which is South Africa and Morocco while Egypt is trailing in the third position.

Drawing comparison between Nigeria and South Africa automotive industry, the AAAM boss said that South Africa produced 631,921 vehicles in 2019 and sold 536,612 new vehicles in the country during the same period in contrast to 10,000 new vehicles sold in Nigeria during the same period. Read More.

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