China’s bid to join digital trade pact is another example of how it is consistently outflanking the US

November 2, 2021 RT 0 Comments

eijing’s application to join a small group focusing on the digital economy is part of a wider policy to build international relationships to ensure it’s not isolated by America. And it’s a strategy that’s working well.

China’s formal application to join the ‘Digital Economy Partnership Agreement’ (DEPA), a small international grouping designed to encourage collaboration in digital trade issues and e-commerce, may seem insignificant, with Chile, Singapore, and New Zealand the only members. But this is a bigger deal than it may look.

The application is a strategic move with major geopolitical implications and is related directly to Beijing’s battle with the United States across the Asia-Pacific region, where it is trying to beat back America’s bid to isolate it, while retaining the upper hand in the economic domain. Read More.

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