China In Africa: Implications For Australia

April 26, 2021 FN Arena 0 Comments

One does not have to be a financier or policy wonk to recognise the substantial implications for the African region and the People’s Republic of China in deepening ties between the two. But the impact of an ever-increasing closeness certainly isn’t confined to Africa and China. Australia’s economic future could have a huge stake in it too.

As China continues its rapid economic growth and builds the influence that comes with such clout, it can find in Africa not only an opportunity to enhance trade ties, but also diversify its import sources. In an era in which Australian-Chinese relations are at the lowest they’ve been in decades, Australia now needs to prepare for years ahead where Beijing may find in Africa an opportunity to shore up strength at home while diminishing existing trade ties with Australia.

The core takeaways from The Economist webinar considered alongside broader trends in Australian-Chinese relations illustrate the time is ripe for a substantial recalculation. For a re-think among Australian political and business circles regarding the future of its trade ties with the world’s most populous nation. In particular, as it concerns iron ore. Read More.

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