African Continental Free Trade Agreement: Lovely on paper, probably dead in the water

March 31, 2021 Daily Maverick 0 Comments

On a continent dominated by autocratic regimes run by rapacious cronies and cartels who thrive on the status quo, the African Continental Free Trade Agreement is more likely to be honoured in the breach. The trade pact is everything these regimes so passionately and violently despise, yet they are the ones to be counted on to implement it. It could be that the framers and authors of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) are upstanding men and women with abundant and unyielding confidence in Africa’s potential. However, in a continent populated by equally unyielding autocratic and cartel-driven regimes, compounded by the inherent weaknesses of the African Union, the implementation of the pact will be an uphill task. Read More.

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