AfCFTA Secretariat rolls out “Vision” initiative backed by “super-app”

November 26, 2020 Joy Online 0 Comments

With barely two weeks left to the Extraordinary Summit of African Union Heads of State on December 5, 2020, ahead of the expected start of trading under AfCFTA on 1st January 2021, the AfCFTA Secretariat is pleased to announce AfCFTA Vision, an initiative in partnership with the Sankoree Institute, an affiliate of AfroChampions.

In addition to building a community of visionaries (the “AfCFTA Visioneers”) and creating a platform for knowledge creation and sharing to help accelerate the pace of implementation of AfCFTA, the initiative also creates room for entrepreneurial contests to find investable solutions that can propel AfCFTA to success with the backing of the continent’s development finance institutions. Read More.

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